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Short Biography                                (Curriculum Vitae)



  Born 9 May 1946 at Klevgardene in Lønset, Sør- Trøndelag, Norway.


  Guitar player i "Simonsens Trio", bass player/singer in the

  rock'n roll groups "Spiritual Man Group" / "Hapax

  Legomenon" (Oppdal) and "Drugtakers Ltd" / "Pulvinar

  Diaboli" (Sunndalsøra) in the sixties.


  Educated at Veitvet Music Conservatory in Oslo and 

  Trøndelag  Music Conservatory in Trondheim with violin

  as the main instrument and the Grieg Academy in Bergen

  with Composition as the main discipline.



Composition Studies with Terje Bjorklund, Henning Sommero in Trondheim and Svein Hundsnes in Stavanger.


Studied composition to the Masters degree with Morten Eide Pedersen in Bergen.


Masterclass in composition by Georg Friedrich Haas, Mathias Spahlinger, Kaija Saariaho, Ivar Frounberg and Michael Finissy.


Seminars with Magne Hegdal, Kaija Saariaho, Bent Sørensen, Henrik Ødegaard, Anna Lindahl, Henrik Hellstenius and Karen Tanaka.


Harald Sæther has written music to lyrics by Petter Schramm, Margunn Hageberg, Mona Høvring, Irene Paulsen (all Norwegian), Esther Tellermann (France), in multiple contexts been closely collaborating with the Italian poet Nanni Cagnone with the works "Index vacuus," "Waves", "Obstupescit Venticinque", "a ' in altre parole ' b" from the poetry collection: "What's he to Hecuba or Hecuba to him?".


By working he has been music teacher at the Rudolf Steiner School in Trondheim for 3 years, violinist (soloist and orchestra musician) for 25 years, teacher in the music school for 15 years, principal of municipal music schools and cultural schools in total 5 years (Kristiansund and Oppdal) and music coordinator at the Opera in Kristiansund for 1 ½ years.


He is a member of the New Music Composer Group since 2007 and chairman from 2009 to 2011.


Member av Norwegian Society of Composers.





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